Seller Info
Age Requirements

By consigning wines in these auctions, Sellers acknowledge that they are at least 21 years old.



You must register to place bids, consign, or make immediate purchases on Membership is FREE. You will be prompted to enter a credit card for billing on a secure page. Your card will not be charged at this point. It will be stored securely with, not on the servers. No cost to list wines or no buyer’s fee if you purchase wine. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD TO REGISTER. Please verify your birthday when registering.


Seller Fee
Listing Fee charges no fee for listing an item for auction at

Seller’s commission charges a flat 15% seller’s commission. This will be subtracted from the Seller’s final payment.

Shipping fee

Once agreement between the seller and has completed, the seller will be asked to send the item to’s warehouse in Torrance, CA. Shipping fee + 3% handling fee will apply and it will be deducted from the Seller’s final payment.



Step 1 – Submit Your Bottle

You can submit your wines for free appraisal by selecting Sell from the right hand corner of the top page.

You will be asked to fill in the following information for your bottles.

  • - Type of alcohol
  • - Title of the bottle
  • - Vintage
  • - Size
  • - Quantity
  • - Varietal Type
  • - Storage Information


Step 2 –Agreement

After an agreement is reached between Consigner and, an agreement contract will be sent to you. Please note that once the agreement has been signed by both parties and completed, Consigner cannot withdraw from consignment. Please review your contract carefully.


Step 3 –Shipping and Evaluation will provide shipping kits and return shipping labels at a discounted price. Shipping fee and 5% handling fee will be deducted from the Seller’s final payment. Once we have received your wines, we will inspect them to ensure their quality and authenticity. makes every effort to inspect the wines. However, in rare cases, counterfeit wines are found after opening seal caps. If such incidents occur, will contact the seller to ask for full refund.

If wine sent by seller arrives at’s warehouse with leakage, the bottle will be sent back to the seller at seller’s expense.


Step 4 – Listing Your Bottle

The Seller’s bottles will be photographed and listed within 2 weeks for 1month by on behalf of the seller. will provide ratings and reviews of the bottles if applicable. The Seller will be able to track their wines from Track My Bottle under My Account.


Step 5 –When Your Listing Ends

When seller’s listing has ended, notices are sent out to winning bidders and the seller immediately. Payment will be made to the seller within 2 weeks. We pay through certified check or through bank transfer.


Step 6– Relisting

Listings may be relisted for additional 2 months once it is over and notices have been sent. The Seller can choose to lower the Reserved Price when relisting. Or if seller wishes to have the bottle back, will ship the bottle back to the seller at seller’s expense. The seller also has an option to sell it outright to

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