Aucwine.com is a California licensed wine & hard liquor Internet-based retailer. Our office is located in Torrance, CA. We are one of the top wine auctioneers on eBay!

Satoshi Miyoshi founded Aucwine.com as a second venture in 2008 while enjoying considerable success in the mobile phone business. He envisioned a luxury wines and spirits retailing service that would be unmatched in both its passion for the products they would distribute and the services they would provide to equally passionate customers. Aucwine.com now has 6 offices worldwide with over 60 employees.

Our passion for fine Wine and for our customers drive us to greater heights. It's this single minded passion that has made us what we are, and without customers like you we couldn't have gotten as far as we have. We will always strive to give the best possible customer service and do the very best by those who trust and believe in us.

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Torrance CA 90501
Tel. (310) 926-4951
Email: info@aucwine.com
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